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Dining: The Botanist Media City (Manchester)

June 21 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm It's time for some great food with great company! We would love to reconnect with existing friends and, if you are new here, we would love to meet you! 💕 We look forward to an evening of fun, laughter, and empowerment with old and new friends. 🌸😘


We do not charge for our events. We require £7.50 to reserve your place which consists of £5 payment as a deposit towards your food, and £2.50 non-refundable payment processing/admin fees.

Finally, we want to include everyone. Therefore, please email us at finance@womenempoweredmcr.org if you would like to apply for funding to attend this event.

Payment Processing/Admin Costs

We are charged a non-refundable fee for every transaction. Therefore, we are charing a flat fee of £1 to cover this fee. We are also charging £1.50 per event to over other costs such as reimbursements of costs to volunteers. We are a nonprofit entity and all funds go towards helping women.


Refund Policy

If you attend, you will receive your £5 deposit back at the restaurant to pay for your food. You will then need to pay for any additional costs of your food and the service charge.

Please get in touch if you are unable to attend an event. Generally speaking, your payment is non-refundable. However, where the terms and conditions of the venue allow for a refund and you have an unforeseeable or urgent issue, we may be able to offer a refund, minus any costs we have incurred (such as the payment processing/admin fees, if any).

Also, we always welcome substitutes. If you can’t make it, why not resell or gift your space to someone else?



We do not record or screenshot our online events because we want women to feel safe and share information with us.

We take photos/videos of our in-person events which are held in public places and use them for marketing purpose and in order to encourage other women, who may be anxious and alone, to join us. However, we also respect everyone’s right to privacy and we want you to feel safe at our events. Therefore, if you would not like to be photographed, simply please inform our photographer or a member of our team. We will then place a heart over your face to protect your identity when using the photos/videos for marketing purposes. Or, you can simply remove yourself from the area when we are taking photos/videos.

Please note that, due to social media settings, we cannot remove your photos/videos after they are posted. Therefore, please remove yourself or inform a member of our team at the start of the event so that we can modify the photos before we post them.


Friendly Reminders

All of our events and platforms are a safe space for women. This means:

  • We do not judge. We respect other women. We understand that each of us is unique and different, and we avoid gossip about other women;
  • We are kind towards other women. We address each other in a loving and kind manner.
  • We support other women. We are present for other women in any way we are able.
  • We keep matters confidential and private. We respect each other’s privacy and do not take personal information out of events and platforms.