Trauma-informed mindfulness program

Do you go into fight or flight mode in certain situations?

Do you disconnect or depart from people or situations without cause sometimes?

Do you find it hard to stay in the present?

If you have have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this program may be the answer for you.

Could it be past trauma that’s causing it all?

About the program

You are invited to join an 8-week Trauma-Informed Mindfulness group in which you will learn about how traumatic experiences may have shaped your experience of the world and how to use mindfulness to manage the impact of trauma to move forward.

The ‘stress response’ is a natural response to threats, perceived threats or life events. This natural response is not necessarily negative. For short periods of time, stress may help us perform well in high pressure situations or get us out of a dangerous situation.

When we experience stress a wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms or reactions can occur, most of the time these reactions quickly fade away after the moment has passed. It is when we become “stuck” in stress reactivity or ‘fight or flight’ mode for a prolonged period of time that stress may manifest in ways that have an adverse impact on our physical and psychological well-being.

During the 8 weeks, participants learn to cultivate inner resources and develop skills that help them meet and work with the challenges of life such stress, pain and illness more effectively. Mindfulness offers participants a powerful integrative approach, that when applied to everyday living can lead to health, healing and well-being.

Mindfulness is about turning off our automatic pilot, becoming aware and being present to each precious moment of our lives. This awareness can be used in the service of our learning, growing and healing.


About program leaders

The course will be lead by the amazing UK-qualified psychotherapists, Ms. Rachel Millsted and Ms. Charlotte Copland of Save Haven Trauma Centre, with offices in Stockport and London.

You can learn more about these brilliant professionals here



Safe Haven’s fee for the entire program is £280 and our entity is not charging anything additional.

There are only 8 spaces available and, therefore, the entire fee is payable in advance and it is non-refundable. Should a week be missed by you then there are no partial refunds – as your place is secured for you throughout the course, whether you choose to attend or not.



Please also email to complete your registration. You will be assessed to ensure the group environment is a good fit for you, asked to make payment, and provided with log-in details.


When’s the next course?

The find the next available course date, please visit our the course overview page.


Friendly reminders

All of our events and platforms are a safe space for women.

This means:

  • We do not judge. We respect other women. We understand that each of us is unique and different, and we avoid gossip about other women;
  • We are kind towards other women. We address each other in a loving and kind manner.
  • We support other women. We are present for other women in any way we are able.
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