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Self-esteem course

Do you sometimes wake up dreading the day? Or feel down about what you have accomplished in your life so far? Or worry about making a mistake or failing that you don’t even try?

Firstly, we’ve all done it and we all do it. We listen to those negative thoughts we say about ourselves, but what’s worse is that after a while, we start to believe them, because the mind can be very convincing when it wants to be. But you don’t have to accept those thoughts. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to challenge those thoughts and start to believe in you again?

Overview Women Empowered runs an 11 week programme for women which is run by our internal team and overseen by none other than the US based Therapist – Dawn O’Meally […]

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Trauma-informed mindfulness program

Do you go into fight or flight mode in certain situations?

Do you disconnect or depart from people or situations without cause sometimes?

Do you find it hard to stay in the present?

If you have have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this program may be the answer for you.

Could it be past trauma that’s causing it all?

Trauma can cause our brains to become reactive and incapable of being fully present and connected to our loved ones and environment. See how this course can help.

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Women’s wellness program

Do you notice how some days you feel cool, calm, collected and then other days you feel moody, emotional and easily stressed?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that some days it’s much easier to stick to healthy habits than others?

Maybe you also noticed how some days you have more energy and others you need a nap…or three?

This program will help you learn about your body in a way that you’ve never been taught at school (or elsewhere), unleash your body’s power to heal itself, advocate for your health and learn to love and take care of your intricate female body.

With the right knowledge, tools and support that you get through this program – you will feel more in tune with your body than you’ve ever had and see results in just 10 weeks.

Imagine having less painful periods, more regular cycles and less insane PMS symptoms.

Imagine feeling more in balance, more in tune with your body, and have the ability to understand your body’s cues in just 10 weeks!

Imagine not feeling uncomfortable after every meal, feeling full of energy and ready to take on your day. Every day.

This program will help you step into your power as a woman.

A 10 week group coaching program that teaches women how to nourish their bodies, regulate menstrual cycles, adopt healthy habits and improve overall health.

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Personal mentoring empowerment session

A weekly, one-on-one mentoring session with our inspirational Founder Rokhsareh (Roxy) Vahid.

Our new Personal Mentoring Empowerment Course that will help you to get energized and excited about who you are, your life and what you have to offer with your unique talents.

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