New look to Women Empowered

September 21, 2023
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A brand new look for Women Empowered

We have always had one core mission in mind ever since our inception in 2021: to empower women. We offer safe and supportive spaces for women to thrive, for those empowered women to then reach out to others and create a web of encouragement and connect more and more women to our services and community. We welcome all people to help us in our mission to empower women, and we want to reach even more. Our continuous growth has now let us to rebrand and we’re very excited to talk about this with you today!

Now registered as a CIC (community interest company), our humble beginnings began as a group on, where our founder Rokhsareh aimed to organise events and get-togethers for women to discuss topics within women’s empowerment. It was a huge success, and more and more women found the group and became active in its growth, coming to events and discussions hosted by us. Within just six months the group had grown to over a thousand members and wasn’t showing any signs of stopping: it became clear to Rokhsareh that the need for this space was absolutely paramount, and the strength of using our own tools and voices to reach out and provide even more women the opportunity to build their own skill sets and self esteem was something we felt very passionate about.


Why are we rebranding?

Because we keep growing and it is becoming more and more important that we have a clear and strong presence. As we grow, we want to establish ourselves clearly so when people find us, they know exactly what we do and why we do it. This is being accompanied by our desire to create a solid image of our ethos combining community, compassion, inclusivity and respect.


Our brand ethos

Our mission is to connect and empower women by forming and maintaining long-lasting relationships with the community built on respect and empathy. We use Women Empowered MCR to educate and provide support to other women, with the help of supportive men and people of other genders. We welcome any and all support from those who share the same ethos as us, who are welcoming and non-judgemental to women who need spaces like ours.



The core of our rebrand

The core of our rebrand is rooted (pun definitely intended!) in hair. Hair plays a significant role in women’s lives, embodying notions of femininity, identity, freedom and liberation. Like women, hair and hairstyles come in many colours and from many backgrounds and cultures, and there are nearly unlimited ways to choose a look. It is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression.

Hair is often used as a method of self-expression. Some of us style and colour our hair. Some of us wear it naturally or we may choose to shave it off or cover it. Whatever we choose to do with our hair, we are exercising our right to control our bodies and to self-expression. Women all around the world take great pride in their hair. We use it to create our own unique style and sense of identity. Through this self-expression and creating our own look and being accepted in this community always, we can be empowered and build our self esteem. A hairstyle is ultimately a choice made by a person to feel at ease as their most authentic self, and this is where the core of our ethos lies.